Bred by Us

A litter

Danchester's At Last (Patella 0/0, Gonioscopy OK)
FI & EE CH FIW-09 NORDW-09 EEW-10 Danchester's A Promise Kept (Eyes healthy, Patella 0/0)
NORDJW-07 Danchester's All Eyes On Me

FI & EE CH Danchester's Almost Famous (Eyes healthy, Patella 0/0, Heart healthy)

B litter

C.I.B FI NORD N S EE DK LV CH EUW-08 FIW-08 NORDW-08-10 BALTW-09 NW-10 LVW-12 Danchester's Best Design (Eyes healthy, Patella 0/0)
FI CH Danchester's Best Seller (Eyes healthy, Patella 0/0)
Danchester's Born To Be Gold (Glaucoma)

C litter

C.I.B FI LT EE SE CH Danchester's Code Of Winner (Eyes healthy, Patella 0/0)

D litter

C.I.B FI & LV & EE CH Danchester's Don't Mind Me (Galucoma)
FI & EE CH Danchester's Dedicated to U (Eyes healthy, Patella 0/0)
Danchester's De Luxe Edition (Eyes healthy)
FI CH Danchester's Day Of Glory (Eyes healthy, Patella 0/0, Heart healthy)

E litter

C.I.B FI SE NO DK NORD EE LV CH JWW-20 EEW-10 EEJW-10 Danchester's Exclusive Edition (Patella 0/0)
FI CH Danchester's Elegant Lady
C.I.B & FI & EE & SE & DK & NORD & LV CH NORDW-11 EEW-11 EEW-12 Danchester's Exceeded Dreams (Eyes healthy, Patella 0/0, gonioscopy OK)
SE & FI UCH Danchester's Epitome Of Beauty
C.I.B & FI & EE & LV & LT & BALT CH WW-14 Danchester's Endless Winner (Eyes healthy, Patella 0/0, Gonioscopy healthy)

F litter

C.I.B LV FI DK & EE SE NORD CH EEW-13 DKW-12 NORDW-12 BALTW-12 KBHW-12 EUJW-11 NORDJW-11 LVW-12 Danchester's First Class Edition
C.I.B FI DK EE SE NORD CH KBHW-14 HEW-12 HEJW-11 HEW-11 TLNJW-12 TLN-12 EEJCH Danchester's Fabulously Made (Eyes healthy, Patella 1/1)
C.I.B FI EE DK LV SE NORD CH DKW-12 NORDW-12 FIJW-11 FIW-11 Danchester's Falling Beauty (Gonioscopy OK)
CZ CH CZ JCH Danchester's Fame N' Fotune (Eyes healthy, Patella 0/0 - IN CZ)

I litter

Amsterdam Junior Winner Danchester's I Am Shining Edition (Eyes healthy, Patella 0/0, Gonioscopy healthy - IN NETHERLANDS)

J litter

C.I.B NORD & DK & FI & S & LV & EE CH SW-15 BALTW-15 HEW-13 BALTW-13 TLWCW-13 HEJW-12 FIJW-12 FIJW-12 FIW-12 Danchester's Just Me N' Only Me (Eyes healthy, Patella 0/0, Heart healthy)
FI CH HEJW-12 NORDW-13 Danchester's Just Look At Me

Charlie's Angels Litter

FI CH N CH JWW-14 NORDJW-14 NJW-14 Danchester's Charles Townsend

K litter

C.I.B BELGIUM CH & LUXEMBOURG CH NL CH BL CH NL JCH AMSTW-15 BJWNL-14 BWNL-14 AMSTJW-14 AMSTW-14 BNLW-15 BNLJW-15 Ambiorix Winner 2015 Danchester's Kick In The Butt (Eyes healthy, Patella 0/0, Gonioscopy Healhty - IN NETRHERLANDS)
FI CH EE CH S CH LT CH LV CH BALTIC CH EE JCH BALTW-17 BALTTERW-17 NORDW-15 FIW-15 HEW-15 EEW-15 TLNW-17 TLNW-15 FIJW-14 SW-14 SJW-14 LTW-15 Danchester's Keep On'Going
HEJW-14 FIJW-14 SJW-14 Danchester's Key Of Success (Eyes healthy, Patella 1/1)
Junior Croatian Champion, Junior Bundessieger Winner 2014, Zagreb Junior Winner 2014, Ambiorix Winner 2015 Danchester's Keep Your Eyes On Me

M litter

FI CH Danchester's Me Myself N' I (Eyes healthy, Gonioscopy healthy)

N litter

Danchester's Nothing But Me (Eyes healthy, Patella 0/0, Heart healthy)
NORDW-15 NORDJW-15 BaltJW-15 Danchester's Nothing Like Me
NORDJW-15 BaltJW-15 Danchester's Nothing Compares
C.I.B NORD CH FI CH DK CH S CH NORD CH DKW-17 VDHW-17 WW-17 DKW-16 HEW-15 HEJW-15 FIJW-15 SW-16 Danchester's Number One
C.I.B FI CH DK CH S CH NORD CH DKW-16 NORDW-16 SW-16 Zagreb Winner 2015 Zagreb Junior Winner 2015 HRJCH Danchester's No Doubt (Eyes healthy, Patella 0/0)

O litter

EE CH EE JCH BALTTERW-17 BALTW-17 Danchester's Oh See Me Say WOW (Eyes healthy, Patella 0/0 - IN ESTONIA)
THAI CH Danchester's Oh My Gosh

P litter

NL JCH NJK'16 BJWNL'16 BWNL'16 CLUBWINNER'16 AMSJW'16 AMSW'16 VDHEUSG17 Danchester's Picture This (Eyes healthy, Patella 0/0, Gonioscopy healthy - IN NETHERLANDS))

Q litter

FI CH EE CH NORD CH S CH DK CH DKJW-16 NORDJW-16 HEW-16 HEJW-16 FIJW-16 EEW-18 Danchester's Quite Perfect (Eyes healthy, Patella 0/0)
EE CH FI CH LT CH LV CH BALTICTERW-17 BALTW-17 EE JCH LT JCH DKJW-16 NORDJW-16 NORDW-16 TLNJW-17 TLNW-17 EEW-18 EUW-18 Danchester's Quality Approved (Eyes healthy, Patella 0/0 - IN ESTONIA)
HEJW-16 FIJW-16 Danchester's Quote Me (Eyes healthy, Patella 0/0)
RU CH LT CH LV CH BL CH EURASIA JCH Spain JCH Russia JCH Danchester's Quake Your World
Danchester's Quite Smashing (Patella 0/0, Elbows 1/1, Hips C/C, SPA0, VA0, LTV0)

R Litter

FI CH Danchester's Rumour You Love

S Litter

FI CH SE CH HR JCH HRJW-17 DEJW-17 FIJW-17 NORDJW-17 Danchester's Shows You How To Sparkle
SPAIN JUNIOR CH Danchester's Shhh And Kiss My Ass

T Litter

EEJW-18 EUJW-18 WJW-18 PL JCH Danchester's The One And Only Magic Mike

U Litter

EUJW-18 PL JCH Danchester's U La La

Other dogs

FI CH NORDJW-05 FIJW-05 Goldevent Girl vom Elsengrund
NORDJW-09 King's Mtn. Playboy
AM CH King's Mtn. Cover Girl
NORDJW-13 FI CH El Amigo Dendie Vanessa World Celebrity


Danchester's Crazy For U
Danchester's Diamond Mine
Danchester's Do Me A Favor
Danchester's Me Me Me
Danchester's Like A Mockingjay
Danchester's Quite Smashing