Lilla Stockholm INT show Sweden

The trip to Stockholm, Sweden was very successful and we loved every bit of it. At Lilla stockholm under judge Kari Järvinen Prada (Danchester’s Quite Perfect) […]

Jyväskylä INT

Danchester’s No Doubt ‘Smiles’ BF1 CACIB & BOB Danchester’s Quite Smashing ‘Noomi’ BF2 CAC Danchester’s Number One ‘Alex’ BM1 CACIB & BOS Kennel Danchester’s BOB Breeder […]

Jyväskylä INT

Danchester’s Quite Smashing ‘Noomi’ BF1 CAC & BOS Danchester’s Me Myself N’ I ‘Hetty’ BF3 CACIB   Under judge: Martin Phillips, UK

Nordic Winner 2016

This show is epic for us! We have lost only once the BEST IN BREED since 2008, we didn’t dissapoint this year either! Danchester’s Quality Approved […]