Eukanuba Show, Helsinki, 25.07.2015

Split INTERRA, 22.07.2015
Dandie Club Show in Finland, 25.07.2015
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Eukanuba Show, Helsinki, 25.07.2015

Danchester’s Nothing Like Me Puppy1 HP BOB Puppy

Danchester’s Key Of Success EXC1 CQ BM1 CAC CACIB BOB
Danchester’s Charles Townsend EXC1 CQ BM2 res CAC res CACIB

Danchester’s Keep Your Eyes On Me EXC1 CQ BF1 CAC CACIB BOS
Danchester’s Keep On’Going EXC2 CQ BF3 res CAC
Danchester’s Just Me N’ Only Me EXC2 CQ BF4

Kennel Danchester’s BOB Breeder

Under judge: Rune Fagerstöm25

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